Beauty Tools to Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals at Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy face cream or makeup palette to find
the right beauty gift for your loved ones this holiday season skin care. In fact, some of the
most interesting and useful items we’re seeing on our Instagram feeds are
supplemental tools and devices that help us achieve our beauty goals at home.
These include a new way to get that at-home blowout we’ve been dreaming of or the
best tool to depuff our puffy eyes after a late night. They also include a device that
helps our skin absorb serums and makeup products more effectively, or make it
easier to reach that last bit of product in the bottom of our almost-empty makeup

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While they’re often seen on TikTok and Instagram, these quirky beauty tools are
more than just a passing trend. They’re actually a way to improve our complexion,
boost hair growth and even relax the muscles in our faces and necks skincare malaysia. The best part?
Most are easy to use and, if used properly, can provide measurable results.
In fact, some of these tools are backed by actual research. The all-in-one
Dermaflash device, for example, gently pulls out pesky blackheads and then uses a
vibrating action to help push serums into the skin. Meanwhile, the cultish GloPRO
microneedling tool promotes wound healing and collagen production for smoother,
plumper skin, and it may also reduce wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars. And if all
that’s not enough, the dual-ended cryo wand from NuFace can be used as a cooling
spot treatment on a breakout or to firm the appearance of cheekbones.
Another intriguing option is the gua sha tool, which, like many of these accessories,
is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Made from jade stone, which has natural
balancing and cooling properties, it’s said to relieve fluid buildup, reduce swelling,
boost circulation and tone skin when moved over the face and body. Sarah
Chapman’s rose quartz version has a knuckle-like roller that works to reduce
puffiness, and a flat side that can be massaged on the cheekbones and jaw to relax

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Other beauty tools, such as ice globes (like the Omorovicza Cooling Derma-Globes),
have become the at-home alternative to a costly spa facial, and can be used before
extractions, threading or peels to calm redness. This dual-ended jade roller from
Mount Lai can be used to cool and depuff the skin, or on the neck and shoulders to
release tension. And a budget-friendly jade roller from InstaDepuff also delivers a
soothing massage, and can be placed in the fridge for extra-cooling benefits.
And last but not least, a soft silicone mat from Sigma can instantly clean your
makeup brushes and keep them looking fresh without the need for water or brush
cleaners. You can also buy the individual pieces separately or purchase one of their
sets to give as a gift. These gizmos and gadgets are sure to be a hit with any
skincare junkies on your list this year.